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October 10, 2018

When escape rooms crossed the Pacific from Japan to the U.S. in the early 2000s, they were a force to be reckoned with. All over the country, groups of friends rushed into dark rooms with one sole purpose: Escape through sheer ingenuity. 

It was an adrenaline-pumping th...

September 10, 2018

In a city as old and storied as Pittsburgh, you'll get your share of haunted locations.

We've already discussed Dead Man's Hollow and Green Man's Tunnel, but those are both outside the city limits. One of the most famous terrifying spots in the Steel City is actually i...

August 2, 2018

You feel it when you watch a horror movie, when you visit a local haunted house, or when you cautiously step through our FearScapes mobile escape maze

Fear. This emotion pumps us full of adrenaline and dread, all in the same second. But what is this emotion, really?


July 7, 2018

 Every time Friday the 13th rolls around, folks get a little more cautious. Even those of us who aren’t superstitious get a tiny thrill at turning the calendar and seeing that day on the horizon.

But what is it about Friday the 13th that makes it such an unlucky day? Wh...

June 9, 2018

Mazes have been around almost as long as our written history. And since the very beginning, they’ve captured our imaginations.

A Brief History of Mazes

In the 5th century B.C., Herodotus wrote about the Egyptian labyrinths surpassing all of Greece’s architectural efforts...

May 13, 2018

Pick any entertainment genre, and you won’t have to work too hard to think of a zombie-related title. Video games have the Left 4 Dead and Dead Island series. TV has The Walking Dead. Hollywood has Night of the Living Dead (and many, many more). Literature has World Wa...

April 10, 2018

"Go back even further—back to the 1870s—and you’ll find real trouble. Legend says some boys wandering through the area found the dead body of a man hanging from a tree. The body was severely decomposed, and authorities were unable to identify the deceased. Some sa...